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Friday, March 31, 2006

Thanks supamum

She tagged me and I am home on a Friday night so here goes

Accent - not an ocker aussie accent, but not a refined british accent

Booze of Choice - Southern Comfort when I can afford it but mostly White Wine

Chore I hate - Ironing

Dog or Cat - One cat to catch the mice

Essential electronics - PC, Mobile, PDA

Favorite perfume(s)/cologne(s) Ciara (Revlon)

Gold or Silver? - Gold

Hometown - Sydney

Insomnia? Always

Job Title Technical Administrator, Local Govt councillor

Kids? - two

Living Arrangement - big house on mediums size block, 2 kids, and my mother live with me.
Most admired trait - determined and driven

Number of Sexual Partners - pass

Overnight Hospital Stays - haven't kept count, about 8 with each kid, cause I could and the were comlicated births, a couple of nights here and there with endometriosis.

Phobia - mice, heights

Religion - born a Catholic, but have chosen to tick the N/A box on all forms that I have to complete

Time I wake up - school days: 0730, weekends: Sat and Sun: as late as possible, school holidays: whenever the kids get up

Unusual talent/skill - I know my times tables.
Vegetable I refuse to eat - brocoli
Worst habit - hating the liberal party with a vengance
X-rays - don't go there, I broke my arm the night of the dismissal, the hospital was empty if that was a good thing.

Yummy foods I make - tuna mornay, banana cake,
Zodiac sign - Picies, can't even spell it right, I was born to the wrong sign.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blogging takes a back seat

To the 3 or 4 regular readers, although some think it 3000, I have to admit to not having the time to keep this blog up to date on a regular basis.

Life as a Councillor is very busy with meetings and I have also decided to keep involved in all the committees I was previously involved with prior to becomming elected. So that means I am out most nights each week and still work to support the family.

Sometime I have great ideas that I think "I must blog about this" but it just doesn't happen.

However I must write about the last 2 weeks in Melbourne, the Commonwealth Games have been fantastic. We secured tickets through the ballot to Gymnastics, Netball, Basketball and Athletics. All of the events were fantastic as well as the events surrounding the Alexandra Gardens. The Games were a great event, one we as a family will remember for a long time.

Adios for the moment, will try to pop in every now and then.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What a great night!

Sitting watching the Opening Ceremony made me so proud to be an Australian, the Ceremony was fantastic, even though I saw the rehearsal on Friday seeing it actually happen tonight was great. We only really saw half of it on Friday night so it was still a surprise.

It was great to see John Landy have the last run with the Baton, fully deserved with his fine past, and it was great to see the Swans greats Barry Hall and Ron Barassi carry the Baton on it's last legs.

Bring it on, can't wait for the Gymnastics, Netball, Basketball and Athletics that we got tickets for through the Ballot.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Time to catch up!

Mum the operation on Wednesday and has done remarkably well and may be discharged tomorrow. Unlike everyone else in Melbourne I don't get the public holiday so I will once again juggle, juggle, juggle.

On Friday evening I took Miss R to the first opening ceremony rehearsal, it was a long evening but it will be interesting to see how the final product comes out. I think it will be pretty spectacular. I can't tell you much more as I will get either shot or locked up.

The U2 concert has been postponed, so I need to find another thing to do for Mr J on his birthday.

The Queens relay Baton came to Sunbury on Thursday, it was a fantastic event. Hume organised a fantastic MC called Brendan Dowrick, who won a gold medal at a commonwealth Games in 1994. He was brilliant an managed to do 10 handstands on a pommel horse.

I wonder what The Age swould have had to do if the Labor Party hadn't imploded. I won't delve much more into that issue suffice to say that I am glad I am not in a faction.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Happy IWD

Happy International Womens Day, I am a bit weary so I won't write much about today, other than to say I spent it supporting the most courageous woman I know, my mother. She had her spinal operation today in St Vincents, and has come out of it with the Dr's confident it will make a difference to her quality of life. I soooo hope so.

I just also want to add that I have the most fantastic son in the world. He was with me today and when I became a bubbling mess it was my 13 year old little man that took me in his arms and supported me. I love you so much J.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

What happened this week!

Monday, a quick council meeting, planning matters that were not contentious, they are the type of meetings I like, and I nearly got home in time to watch Desperate Housewives.

Tuesday, parent teacher interview at the Miss R's school, they are happy with her progress, so am I. She talks to much in class but if that is her only problem I can deal with that, then I had to rush off to a Sunbury Festival meeting, where a mouse decided to join us, and scared the crap out of me.

Wednesday, Footy club meeting, however prior to that I visited a friend who had a baby on Monday, welcome to the world Christian. My friend is 6 years older than me and this is her 4 child with a break of 10 years in between no's 3 and 4. I wish her luck and will say I am glad it's her and not me.

Thursday was the VLGA delegates meeting, where the new president Beth Davidson was sworn in. I have known Beth for about 5 years and am sure that she will be a great President.

Friday was my day off my day job, so I had many errands to run, and had to take my mum to the Dr, yep that's right, she still hasn't had her operation, 3 times postponed so far, they are promising next Wednesday. I then made my way into the Swans v Essendon practice match at Optus Oval. I won't elaborate on that too much as we lost, but Paul Roos mainly played the young players again.

Saturday, I took Mr J to cricket up at Gisborne and watched him bowl his first 5 overs, even though he is carrying an injury he bowled very fast and took one wicket. Then it was off to Bunnings in Sunbury to sell copious amount of sausages for the Footy Club.

Today, I went the the Clean Up Australia activity in Sunbury, I filled 4 bags and I think that my back is going to break. Interestingly the former Cr that I defeated made a big beat up in the paper about Clean Up Australia Day a few weeks ago, and he didn't turn up at all today, so I can only imagine that it's OK to make a splash in the papers then not back them up by your own actions on the day.

This coming week sees the Queens Baton come to Sunbury and International Womens Day on Wednesday, and hopefully the OPERATION!

So that was my pretty busy week