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Friday, September 30, 2005

Be Alert not Alarmed

OK, boys, I'll save you some time. I don't run the Sunbury Community Forum, when I do post on the SCF, which is a rare as the times I post at Sunbury Online these days, I use the name GuruAnn and on Sunbury Online I actually use my real name, something that is novel given the input of the various Margarets, Johnnos, Jimbos

Veiled threats of the Federal Police investigating me, made on Sunbury Online don't wash guys. Now whilst I understand we live in a world where we need to stay alert, I hardly think that the opinions and discussions of a small community forum are going to attract the attention of the Federal Police. Somehow I think they have enough on their plate with cases like David Hicks and the Bali 9.

But if you are hell bent on getting me investigated, feel free, I have nothing to hide, unlike others. Gosh the next thing you will be getting someone to access the LEAP Database to gain some more insight into my history, but that would be against the LAW wouldn't it, and just in case you have already, I have already applied under FOI to find out if you have, so the truth will come out.

I know boys that this is only the start of the fun and games, given the previous antics at the last election. I think I will be upfront now just so everyone knows. If you feel like bringing out the old rumour about me bouncing cheques at the local Football Club, be my guest, but be careful who you get to spread the rumour. A certain John M from the southern end of Hume nearly got sued last time around. I have never bounced a cheque anywhere and this can easily be verified by the financial institution that I use. So tread carefully boys!

Nigh Nigh Boys!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Front Pages

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Two months of who knows!

Well the countdown has begun, 2 months to the next council elections. For all those who have been asking YES I will be standing. The campaign starts from now onward. The press release has been sent to the local press. Flyers and posters are being designed.

Hopefully all this will mean that JAKAS will become a part of history at Hume City Council, and judging by the reaction that I got from the staff at Hume at a function tonight they will be very happy to see me back. It was an amazing time tonight, many good wishes and high fives, it's nice to know that I am still respected and wanted at Hume as opposed to those from Sunbury that are there.

I will run a clean campaign, unlike my opposition. They are running scared, spreading rumours, threatening my supporters, but I am one tough gal and will not let them defeat me. Firebomb my house, say that I am a drug dealer, do whatever you want but I will not go down without a fight. Just leave my family out of it please.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I was there

Sydney Swans 8.10 (58)
West Coast Eagles 7.12 (54)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What a week!

The biggest week of the year, I would have to say. After last nights decision to allow Barry Hall to play on Saturday, I can now start to enjoy the week. Funnily enough there were a few people gathered outside AFL House last night to support Barry, and they came from Sunbury. Today I contacted them and they joined me and the kids for a photo shoot for one of the local papers.

Timetable for the rest of the week is;
Thursday; Work then off to the AFL Footy Show at Rod Laver Arena, I scored tickets off Ebay yesterday and they got delivered today.
Friday; Pick up friends from Airport at 9.45am, head to the city for the Grand Final Parade, then may go to the Swans Banner Making session afterwards.
Saturday; Off to the big game early, have booked accommodation in Melbourne for the night, so I have no worries about driving.
Sunday; Family Day at Albert Park oval
Monday; Taking the kids to see Temptation being filmed at Channel 9 in Richmond.

Given the above timetable, I will be back sometime next week.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

The grass is greener

This isn't my house, I don't have that much grass only weeds.

Two Sitting Ducks

I have been a bit too busy to comment about Lathams Diaries, but this blog entry caught my eye.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Guess who is going to a Grand Final!


I have no voice left, and never thought we would get there, but we are there now and we can take the flag in 2005.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Busy Week

The second week of any month is always very very busy, I have 8 meetings at night in 4 days, it means attending one, giving whatever report I have to then heading to the next one, and to top it all off I have the flu again (Supa, yes I have taken the tabs and they have helped a little).

Last night I went to the Hume City Council meeting, JAKAS put up a motions about making Hume a paedophile free zone, thus not allowing convicted paedophiles to live in Hume. Now in principal I don't disagree with this, but I question the legality of it, it this allowed under our law, I don't know. So the other councillors rightfully called for a procedural motion to get the Hume officers to give them more information and refer the matter to the Hume Social Justice Taskforce.

Bring in Channel 9, how did they know that JAKAS was going to bring this up, only by a call to them from JAKAS I suppose, so they taped it and it ran on the nightly news tonight, with catchcry that he was defeated trying to stop paedophiles from living in Hume. I am not surprised as it makes for good news the not telling the truth.

This week in Footy is not getting any easier, I am awaiting Friday night with great anticipation, bring it on in a hurry please!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

This footy business is getting expensive.

So the hero of the day was Nic Davis, he kicked the last goal of the night with about 5 seconds on the clock to go. It happened right in front of us, Mr J got his head on the tele for a nanosecond just after the goal went through, the siren sounded, the crowd erupted, many hugs were had and tears shed.

So onto next Friday night to the Prelim Final, I must thank the AFL for programming all of the Swans finals so that I can either watch them or actually get to them, they must realise that the Calastenics season has started and worked out the game times to fit within the family schedule.

After the game we headed over to Fox studios for a drinky and more hugs, then proceeded to wait for an hour for a cab, early flight back this morning, had the opportunity to experience the new Skybeds on QANTAS, and I must say that it definately the way to travel.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Blog Block

This week I just don't seem to have the motivation to blog, I am tired, I am nervously anticipating this Fridays Footy match, which we are hopefully travelling up to Sydney to watch.

So for the moment I will give you a few heads up to blogs that I just must read every day, this is not an exhaustive list, as I have dozens of blogs on my bloglines, and do view most of them if they update each day, and the list doesn't include the Sunbury Bloggers, who I read whenever they make an update.

Anonymous Lefty
52nd State
The OC

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Still angry but too tired to ponder last nights woes

I am still soo soo soo angry about what happened to the Swans last night, however I didn't have much of a chance of thinking about it today as Miss R competed in the Vic Championships for Calastenthics, doesn't she look like an angel.

More pics of the little angel NOT! at Webshots, including a pic of the wonderful dragon suit.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Cmon USA, you can send people to the moon, bomb the shit of Iraq but you can't help the people of New Orleans. I will again point to Andrew Bartlett for further references.

Don't talk to me about Football

Best players for the WCE tonight, were the umpires. I am absolutely disgusted at the umpires tonight.

Super 7

I got tagged by Supamum to do the meme of SEVEN:


1. She is a member of MENSA
2. She is one of 18 children
3. She once posed nude for Playboy
4. Is a closet Water Polo supporter
5. Can do the splits
6. Favorite food is Curried Lamingtons.
7. Favorite holiday destination is Kabul


1. Sky Dive
2. Follow another footy team but the Sydney Swans
3. Fly in a helicopter
4. Take intravenous drugs
5. Run a marathon
6. Tell lies to get elected to a public position.
7. Like Soccer


1. Ten Pin Bowling
2. Tell a lie
3. Ate spagetti
4. Ride a motorbike.
5. Take part in vigilante tactics.
6. Fly to Sydney
7. Went to a junior footy game


Sorry, there is only 1:

1. Water Skiing Accident (see below)

I am not going to pass this on to 7 others, but invite those who feel the urge to partake to do so and let me know.

The Answers

1. I once told Gough Whitlam on the phone I didn't believe it was him

True, I was about 7 or 8 and the phone rings in the afternoon after school. This very deep voiced person asks to speak to (my mother), I asked politely who was speaking, and he said Gough Whitlam, I said words to the effect, OK sure, then yelled out to mum, "there is some guy that reckons he is Gough Whitlam on the phone" Mum was organising an ALP fundraiser where Gough was the Guest of Honour, and he was calling to finalise things.

2. I used to play Ice Hockey.

True, I was an avid Ice Skater in my youth, living about 200 metres from Canterbury Ice Rink in Sydney as I was growing up, meant that I experimented in playing Ice Hockey.

3. I competed in the Australian Water Skiing Championships

True, in 1986, I was the observer in a boat called Tenacity in the open class championships. We had gained 3rd prize in the 1985 Bridge to Bridge so were confident of doing well. Within 100 metres of the race starting the motor on out boat became dislodged (it was called metal fatigue) and the boat flipped and numerous injuries were incurred due to being thrown through the boat not over it.

4. I haven't broken any bones

See No 3. broke numerous ribs, since then have broken my toe, banging it on the corner of a lounge whilst on holidays on the Gold Coast.