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Sunday, May 29, 2005

A loosing weekend!

Not a good weekend overall. Came 3rd at the Sunbury Lions Trivia Night, the boy lost both his basketball and footy games, the Swans lost, and the boy's Carlton lost. Hopefully thing will get better over the next week.

I always have some really bright ideas of what I want to post on this blog, however, when it comes time to post, I get constant interruptions and at the end of the day it's taken me and hour and a half as it is to write this much.

Dia tidak bersalah

Thursday, May 26, 2005


And I'm not talking about you know who.

Tonight I arrived at my girls Calistenthics Class, was handed 3 or so metres of gold material and the only instructions I got was, make a dragon costume. The girls are doing a song from Shrek, and my girl is the Dragon.

Any hints appreciated, this will definately be a challenge.

He wouldn't do that would he!

Take a look at the Victorian Hansard, Don Nardella has uncovered an unpleasant occurance in Sunbury

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Hiatusing (is that a word) with Weez

Monday, May 23, 2005

A good result!

The VEC recommends that Hume City Council consist of nine councillors elected from three two-councillor wards and one three-councillor ward. The VEC recommends that the wards be named Jacksons Creek Ward, Aitken Ward, Airport Ward and Merri Ward.

The VEC is satisfied that such a structure will provide voters in the City with fair and equitable representation for at least the next eight years.

It's Raining

This is big news in Melbourne

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Doo Yoooo Yoooo, Feel Like I do!

Watching Skynews tonight, actually right now, there is a show from New Zealand interviewing Peter Frampton, oh the nostalgia. In 1978, I went to Peter Framptons concert at the Sydney Cricket Ground, it was the first concert I was allowed to go to and considering I was 13, it was amazing. It was November from memory and a very hot day, I feinted during the concert and spent a lot of time in the St Johns sick bay.

In 2005 we have a very different looking Peter Frampton to the one I remember, I suppose that we all have to get old. But his voice is still the same.

My first Big Brother blogging

I have so far refrained from commenting on this years Big Brother series, to tell you to truth I have found it pretty boring. The housemates seem to be clones of each other and not too many of they stand out as decent people.

I like Tim, he has publicly stated his one goal in life is to see the back of John Howard, so how could I not like him.

Well tonight Angela got thrown out, that was my loungeroom prediction 5 minutes before evictions happened, especially considering her resemblence to Bronwyn Bishop, thank you Australia.

Good results all round on the sporting field this weekend, the boy won Basketball yesterday and scored 2 goals in a winning effort at Footy today. However he may have done some damage to his wrist so off to the Dr tomorrow to get it checked out.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Too Tired!

To really write much tonight, it's Education Week in Victoria so my girls School had an Expo tonight, then I had to rush to the Secondary College School Council Meeting.

Worked from home today as a bloody truck overturned on the Freeway and the radio was saying it may be a 3 hour trip to the city, so in that 3 hours I managed to get a lot more done than sitting in a bus.

Did a bit of surfing today, so will just let you know who has intrigued me today.

Weezils post on the online Schapelle wars
Andy Landy on ALP Branch Stacking
Bali Blog, he visited Schapelle yesterday Part 1 and Part 2
The story of Michaël Blanc, except I can't understand it cause it's in French
English story about the above case
Andrew Bartlett on visiting asylum seekers in Nauru

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Book Meme

I got tagged by Supamum

1) Total number of books I've owned:

I am a hoarder, I buy books at places like and hate to ever throw them out. Without counting all of them I would say I have about 150 books on my bookshelf at the moment, I did do a cull last year.

2) The last book I bought:

The Pact - Jodi Picoult

3) The last book I read:

Plain Truth - Jodi Picoult. I have read 4 of her books so far, they are engrossing and of the type you don't want to put down. Good for the train or bus trips to work.

4) 5 books that mean a lot to me:

"April Fools Day" Bryce Courtney
"Just Cause" John Katzinbach
"My Sister's Keeper" Jodi Picoult
"you and your ADD Child" Christopher Green
"Not Happy John!" Margot Kingston

5) Tag 5 people and have them fill this out on their blogs:

More Aust Ramblings

Can anyone remember?

Who the blogger was that was having a lend of a Nigerian Scammer, I remember reading it and being very amused, so today when I was notified of ScamBaiting, I immediately thought of the blog that publicised their own baiting, but I can't remember who it was.

Any help appreciated!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Cancer shock for Kylie Minogue

Very sad news! I wish her a speedy recovery. Sounds like it has been caught early enough!

Monday, May 16, 2005

My sheltered existence!

My posting below about the official Schapelle Sites has prompted an angry response from the guy that owns another site.

I have done some investigation into this person and he isn't the type of person I would like to associate with.

He owns a company in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane (red light district) and by doing a google search on there are only 3 results but they are disturbing results, 2 of the results lead to porn sites another to a men's health site where his comments are a bit dubious. Furture searches lead to a lot of other porn sites. These sites are revolting!

What is most worrying is his attitude to people that choose to disagree with him on his forum.

This is my website and I have the final say on what is published in this forums. If you have a problem with ANY aspect of my site then take it somewhere else [deleted user name].

The real issue is that this person has duped 1400 people into thinking his site has connections to the Corby's, when infact any connection he had was severed by them a while back.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Ugly football games

And I am not talking about the walloping that Carlton got tonight.

My son plays for the Sunbury Lions Under 13's and tonight we played Melton South. We have never beaten this team since Under 9's so it was always going to be tough, they were last year's runners up also.

Well our boys went in hard but fair and beat them by about 7 goals, we were one group of very proud parents, however what ensued after the game was ugly.

One of their players took the fact that they lost a bit too heart and was going to lash out at not only our boys but the parents as well, he took off his boot and went to hit one of our players dads. Another of the opposition players then started having a fight with his coach. Whilst this was going on, we had the opposition players mothers telling our team that they are only 12 year's old boys, and they should be given a break, and at the same time these lovely 12 year olds were informing our team that we were a pack of f*&*ing P^$%ks, and the parents said give them a break. Our only advice to the opposition parents was to take their kids off the field and look after them, to that we were met with a barrage of abuse.

To make matters worse, the main instigator of all of this was the coaches son. If I ever see my so even go close to behaving like this it would be the last game of football he played for a while.

I think that the folk of Melton South need to invest in some Anger Management, this is unnacceptable in Junior Football. Maybe Mallrat knows where they can obtain some advice.

Desperate Housewifes!

What, I thought it was on Channel 7, but here I am watching Big Brother Up late and there is an ad for DH on Channel 10, something to do with Oprah, it's the only program I got taped when I was in Bali, I forwent, All Saints, Blue Heelers but had to have DH taped. Someone please tell me what is going on?

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Vanstone - very very very unfortunate - Keelty ditto!

I would pick a few more words than unfortunate when talking about the Vivien Alvarez case. What has happened to this woman is nothing short of a disgrace, god I am using that word a lot lately. If it was so easy for an Australian priest in the Philippines to watch a TV program on the internet then recognise that a woman he knew from a hospice was wrongly deported from Australia, why couldn't all the resources of DIMIA not find her in the Philippines.

Next, we have our Australian Federal Police Commissioner Keelty, mouthing off about Schapelles case.

Mr Keelty was reported this week as saying there was very little intelligence to suggest that baggage handlers were using innocent passengers to traffic drugs between states.

He said the AFP was aware of baggage handlers on the international side who were involved with the syndicates - but the situation was nothing like the matters raised by Corby's defence lawyers.

Just because this case is being tried in Indonesia, I think the law of sub judice should apply. According to the Law Council, had the case been tried in Australia, he could be held in contempt of court. I don't think this man is competent, he seems to be a meglomaniac moreso. A bit of advice Micky Boy! SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Petes Budget

Well as a sole parent, already in the workforce, I should think myself lucky. Personally I would have liked to have had the opportunity to have stayed at home longer with my kids, alas it was never meant to be. However if a person can manage on the sole parent payment and stay at home for their children, I think that it should be encouraged not discouraged. I also wonder where all the job are going to come from.

I won't ramble on too much about the budget, hasten to say it is once again a kick in the pants to those less fortunate, I have no problem with encouraging people to work, but the jobs and moreso training needs to be provided.

Oh it's mooted as a windfall surplus, well who provided the surplus, my taxes!

From what I have seen, Mark Bahnisch probably provides the best analysis with links.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Amanda: you are a disgrace!

It's OK to deport an Australian Citizen to the Phillipines in 2003, and the news comes out now in 2005. FFS, this is a public disgrace, deporting Australian Citizens cause, they can't speak english, they are mentally disturbed. A total disgrace. How many times can one use the word disgrace in a paragraph!

Take a look at the lateline transcript to see her back peddling bigtime.

Weekend Activities

Well, headed to Sydney for the weekend, packed in a lot. Stayed with my closest friend of 22 years on Friday night, headed to watch the Baulko Under 13's play on Saturday arvo, then off to the Swans.

What a game, at one stage I SMS'd a friend saying they weren't missing much as the first 3 quarters were horrible. Luckily the last quarter made up for the first 3. Then I headed back to the hotel, caught up with some RWO's then back to the Novatel Bar, where I had a few word with Blightly and Tim Lane about the controversial Mark Johnson 50 metre penalty. Funnily enough the Essendon player I decided to target for the night was Mark Johnson, he is an old Sunbury Junior, however I don't like his playing style.

Sunday was spent with family at a Mothers Day lunch, it was great to catch up with them, it was a beautiful day in Cronulla.

Flight home was sort of uneventful, a bit late, but it arrived.

Spitting the Dummy Big Time!

No not me, that's not my style. Cr JOIIS has decided to pack his bag and go home, well in as much he has decided that posting to Sunbury Online maybe a political hazard.

As of today it may be opportune to vacate my posting as it doesnt seem to matter what is said it is always distorted to suit those who think they know better.Have a good time amusing yourselves guys cause I am not interested in joining your troupe. If you have any questions you know my number why not give me a call I would love to hear from a real person. As one of the best says thank your mother for the rabbits. Over and out

This comes from someone that has in the past few weeks, had a go at Rob Hulls, Candy Broad, every other Hume Councillor except himself and his sidekick, Peter Bachelor, Joanne Duncan to name a few, and for those a bit slow on the uptake, all of the above are involved with the ALP. I see a pattern emerging.

Well, is this a case of a public representative not wanting to be publicly accountable. Probably, cause when he does go public he gets himself into strife. Can't have that can we!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Off to Sydney, back Monday

Well the laptop exhibited some really weird behaviours today, but for the moment it is working and I have done a backup.

Flying up to Sydney at 11 tomorrow, my mothers day pressie to my self, will catch up with family and friends, probably watch the Swans loose as well.

Cya Monday!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Blue Screen of Death!

For a few days now, I have said to myself that I must back up my laptop data, other things have got in the way, such as a parenting adolesents course. So what happpens 15 mins ago, I get the blue screen of death on the dear old lappy and can't ressurect it. Luckil I keep most important things on my file server, but all of my bookmarks are kept locally, well off to work tommorrow to try and rescue it

Jouno's v's Bloggers

Interesting article in the sealed email today from from "Eddie Internet"

A Butterfly flaps its wings…

By Eddie Internet, a journo who didn't send us his name but whose observations we found intriguing:

I'm not sure anyone would describe Andrew Landeryou as a butterfly but his decision to use a blog to "spread the joy" as he states could be the "butterfly that flaps its wings in Africa causing the hurricane in Florida" – that old chestnut trotted out by chaos theory geeks everywhere.

A bit of background on blogs for Crikey readers. As I see it there are two things you need to know:

Blogs have been used to devastating effect in the US to take down bodgy journalists and lax fact checking – the biggest scalp the bloggers claimed was none other than Dan Rather in the now infamous "Dubbya National Guard Scam." He was by no means the first or the last…
This will get techie – but stay with me. Because of the ways that blogs are set up – they spread like wildfire – Andy Landy's Blog has been up for less than 24 hours but is already racing up the search engine rankings and has attracted commentary and links from dozens of fellow bloggers (did I mention there are over seven million of them – up from five million at the start of the year). Blogs use a protocol called RSS – you don't need to know what it stands for – but you do need to know that it allows information to spread faster than a Budget leak in Victoria.
Let's look at Landeryou's situation – on Friday he was holed up at the Melbourne Assesment Prison watching the 6 o'clock news and seeing very bad file footage and dodgy sketch artist drawings. He is as low as he can go, about to be made bankrupt and his companies put in liquidation.

In the pre-blog world his only option was to sit back and take very bitter medicine (from his point of view – I don't want to comment on the merits of the case – I'll leave that to my fellow journos.) Let's fast forward to today. Through the blog he has been able to get his side of the story out to the public – unedited by the traditional media. He has already pointed out some serious errors in reporting and interestingly – in less than 24 hours – has been a magnet for some pretty interesting (if unsubstantiated) information about the Melbourne University Student Union affair and his dealings with Solly Lew.

My fellow media workers and I are at a serious disadvantage to bloggers – we have deadlines and very little time to get our head around the facts. Bloggers like Landeryou are intimately involved in their subject and in some cases it is the sole focus of their lives. Our errors are quickly spotted and with the power of blogs, they are magnified by the power of social networking. With Landeryou's blog (is he creating the new playbook for playing the "accused" in the 21st century?) my colleagues are going to need to tread warily.

This is one development Crikey readers will want to watch with great interest.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Just the thing you want to read when you are flying on a plane this week

Qantas Jet Star, I think I will wait until next week to read this somewhat facinating/terrifying story.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

A long night!

The first 5 minutes of the Logies have been terrible, hopefully it can only get better.

Update: It gets worse

Update: The Hall of Fame is for People not shows,


Best Quote of the night, Question Time to win a Logie - Kim Beazley

Gotta say that Belinda Emmett seems pretty sick, I wish her and Rove well, terrible thing to happen to someone so young.

And it seems that Sam Neill was pretty pissed!