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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Radio National Interview

Will be on tomorrow morning at 8.30am on Radio National, I didn't end up getting into the ABC Studios last week cause of this flu that I still have, so the audio may be a bit scratchy as the interview was done on a phone line in Bali.

Radio National Frequencies

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Can I have the number please!

Laying in bed this morning in my flu stupor, I couldn't believe this comment made on AM by Mick Keelty

"The people who are in that predicament, they have an avenue to come forward to the police. There is an AFP officer permanently based in Bali, as there are in many other Asian countries and other countries around the world. Or indeed people who are here in Australia under threat then they need to come forward to the police."

Sorry sir, but I have been to Bali 18 or 19 times and have never known that the AFP have an officer there, nor would I know how to contact them.

Interesting opinion piece by Laurie Oakes here.



PS: Duncan Kerr a former minister was asked a question about the AFP saying that their investigations into the Baggage Handlers came up with nothing, in his views this could be considered as subjudice. The transcript is available here.

If Keelty were to make the comments he made in regards to a case in Australia, it wouldn't ever be allowed.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Lest we Forget

They shall grow not old, As we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, Nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun, And in the morning, We will remember them.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Cya Joh

Andrew Bartlett posts a detailed recollection of Joh's political life.

Time is up for everyone at sometime, 23 April seems to be Joh's time.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Is an eye for an eye the best solution

Still full of the flu, so blogging is taking a back seat at the moment.

However today I was surprised to read the story about the Bali9 which has now become the Melasti 4 and the Airport4 and 1 other I must presume. From reading various articles it appears that the smugglers were set up big time. They seem like vunerable kids who didn't realise the consequences of their actions, and having a son that has ADHD who doesn't realise the consequences sometimes, my heart bleeds for the parents of these kids. IS IT A REASON TO KILL THEM??

At what age do you stop being a kid, I don't know, I reckon that 30 is probably a good age, by that time you should have enough experience to realise the consequences of your actions. However to a parent you child will always be a kid. I honestly hope that the child of our local Councillor JOIIS never gets into trouble, as he would get little support from his father.

If what is said about Chan being the ringleader is true, he should face the full force of the law, not the death penalty as I will never condone that, but life or a long sentence in warranted in his case, however for the supposed mules, who were naive and stupid, they should not pay the price with their life. Yep throw them in jail for a while, they will learn hard lessons, rehabilitate them so that they can exit jail and become better people.

The parents of these kids must be living a nightmare at the moment, perpetrated by those who have little value for others, my heart goes out to the families that are living this nightmare.

Lastly, has anyone got any good tips for parenting a 13 year old boy full of testosterone and who is driving me to distraction. A one week ban on using the home phone is in place at the moment, will I survive this! And the worst part about it is that his sister is 4 years behind so I have more hell to look forward to.

Friday, April 22, 2005

This is sickening

Firing squad a slow way to die

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Bloggers Supporting each other!

Thanks to Weezil and Nic White for their support of me against the forces of evil in Sunbury.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Black or White smoke

I need to do a google search, I have no idea how they make black and white smoke. Back soon with an answer, I hope.

BACK: The best I could find is that straw emits black smoke and plain paper emits white smoke.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Support from all quarters

Today was my first journey out into civilisation since returning on Friday from Bali, the number of people that came up to me and congratulated us for doing what we did in Bali was overwhelming then I returned home to many phone messages from people saying the same thing ofter reading the article in the Herald Sun, not to mention the emails I am now receiving.

I have been made aware of various Schapelle support groups, one of them being OARS, a South Australian Welfare Organisation, they have sent me a very worthwhile information sheet pertaining to Shapelles Case which you can download from here

When at the court I met a journo from the Bulletin, Eric Ellis. He has written a great article about the Indonesian Justice System, it was I who alerted him to the fact that the body board bag is just placed in an adjacent room each day.

Nic has provided additional commentary on my plight with the press and other local identities.

Tomorrow is my baby's 9th Birthday, Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Oh for those interested the pictures I took in Bali, (none of the Shapelle trial, thats all on video) are available at Webshots.

Thank god I am not a journey!

Cause I provide honest commentary, nothing like getting the truth in the way of a good story with my blog

In today's Herald Sun they have decided that I bribed my way into Jail to see Schapelle, well never have I mention the word "bribe" in either my blog or in conversations with journo's

Our family paid a negotiate price to enter the jail, which everyone does. Our price was $3.00, for others it may be more depending on your negoiating skills. Everything you do in Indonesia is negotiated, this was one instance that wasn't outside the norm

Looks like this may be one for the legal eagles, as I don't like being misquoted!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Home Sweet Home

The one downfall about travelling to Bali is the trip home, leaving Bali at 11.15 and a 5.5 hour flight hour later landed at Tullamarine at 7am, with not an ounce of sleep. Did the right thing and declared the wooden items I bought and an hour and a half later emerged into the Melbourne COLD!!!

We spent our last days predominantly relaxing. Schapelles trial was to continue with the prosecution oulining what their recommendation for her sentence should be. I really wanted to attend the trial, but I have been feeling like I have been taking the whole horrible ordeal a bit too much personally and was taking a bit of a toll on my spiritual wellbeing. I was also concerned on how, it the death penalty was recommended my kids would react and whilst the kids have willingly wanted to attend the proceedings my judgment was that today wouldn't be a good day to be there.

I kept going up to the internet every half hour to check to see what was happening, finally I just got Mum to call me at the hotel with any news.

I was proved right by reports on the news and also reports from another tourist staying at our hotel who went to the court. The scene was one of pandemonium by all accounts, with the end result being that Schapelle collapsed and the judge getting more and more irritated. Whilst watching the footage on ABC AsiaPacific last night, I became very emotional at the thought of the distress that Schapelle and her family are enduring, it is nothing short of tourture now.

Tonight, I was accused of being on some sort of crusade, ironically this was said by a QANTAS baggage handler. I am not on any crusade, my family collectively decided to lend our support to Schapelle and her family, as I would hope that others would do with me if I were in such a dire situation.

Well after 36 hours without sleep, I think I will call it a night, thanks to everyone that has posted comments of support, they mean a lot to us.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Will the rain ever stop!

5 days of rain in a row is getting a bit much to bear at the moment, it generally means that one goes shopping and spends too much money. The rain has meant that I needed to purchase 2 leather jackets, 3 pairs of boots and got 3 pairs of pants tailor made. Spent late last night watching my Swannies beat Brisbane after the siren, it was a great effort to come back from so far behind.

What can I see out the window, it's a bit of blue sky, better get out there and make the most of it.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Today in Court!

We arrived at the court at about 10.15am, no prision van had arrived but there were a lot of local protestors shouting something about freedom of speech. It turns out there was another trial happening against a guy that had burnt a photo of the Indonesian President and there must have been about 500 of his supporters there.

On arriving at Schapelles courtroom, I got chatting to a guy that I think works at the consulate and he explained that the case was going to be adjourned today so that the prosecution can have some more time to prepare their summation, and apparently Schapelles lawyers were in Jakata today attempting to persuade the authorities that she should receive either no or a very short sentance.

This didn't stop the circus of media from gathering around her when she arrived. Once again she was huddled by a group of police and literally dragged up to the holding cell. This morning there had been a lot of rain and the entire pathway was flooded, I stood there and just yelled, look out for her please, then I became quite emotional as I could tell by looking at her that she wasn't well.

After about another hour, the judges finally came in and a while later they brought Schapelle in, I was standing at the window and she gave a feint smile when she saw a familiar face. She was ushered inside and within about 1 minute the proceedings stopped and she was taken away again.

I was talking to her sister afterward and the main reason for todays proceedings being halted was that Schapelle is, in the words of the judge, not in good health. Proceedings will once again be scheduled for next Thursday, our last day in Bali. Mercedes was on her way to get a doctor to go to the jail and take a look at her.

As there is no big story from todays trial, the media concentrated on trying to get access to Schapelles dad. Mercedes had to go and rescue him at one stage, his isn't well and apparently his medication makes him somewhat confused, he just sat outside at one stage and was asking lots of questions about the process.

So that was my day in court, not much to tell!

Back to the pool!