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Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Shanky Hoe and the ABC

This government is just amazing, fancy appointing the Shanky Ho to the board of the ABC, Anon Lefty has a good follow up on this blatant RW govt appoinment. What will be next Bolta on the Immigration Review Board.

21 days to go!

It's wo weird how the mind works, with 21 days till we go to Bali, I have started having weird dreams about not going, with various senario's popping up. It is a bit disturbing, and hopefully not an omen that I won't be going.

So in the lead up to going to Bali, I am planning a few things to do over there, one trip I really want to make is to Lombok. I have done a bit of research and looks like a day trip is not long enough, so I think we will have 2 nights there. Found some great sites such as Lombok Lovers and Lombok Network, these sites have convinced me that we should fly and not go by boat, and at about $60 return, the flights are pretty reasonable. Next step is to work out where to stay, accommodation is a lot cheaper in Lombok than Bali, so for $50 we can get a very very nice hotel like The Intan, but the more research I do, it seems like the type of place I could spend a week in.

It is described as the Bali of 20 years ago, well, my first trip to Bali was 20 years ago, so I should be able to reminise somewhat, as well it will be good for the kids to see an island that is quite 3 worldish, not that Bali isn't like that, however it will allow them to experience a part of the world that is less fortunate than we are, which in my opinion is what all kids should see in their life.

Over the next few weeks I will probably bore people silly with my Bali planning, well , bad luck, cause half the fun of going away on such a trip is the anticipation and planning of it.

The manic week before...............

Semester starts, is a bit like childbirth, you forget the pain until it happens next time.

I know quite a few that read this blog work at great tertiary establishments, and can probably relate to the week I have just had. On average I worked 12 hour days, not for my alloted 4 days but for 5 days, this week and I am not looking forward to Monday, when all of our changes are supposed to go live and are supposed to work, hmmmmmmmmm

Factional infighting continues to thhrive out in Calwell, revelations about a Cr getting a donation from a developer making Page 3 of The Age. The "Jacks of Sunbury" are salivating about this at the moment along with their friend Federal Member Maria Vamvaikou. The donation from Peet and Co a company that is developing land in Craigburn and Greenvale is being played out as a bribe nearly by the papers, considering that from what I can see the only request to Council from Peet and Co is renaming part of Craigiburn to Greenvale and when put out for public submission got no submissions, which would indicate no strident public opposition to the application, why would they bother trying to buy a vote in this manner. Apparently more to appear in tomorrow's Age.

Developer in bed with Councillors isn't a new thing, here in Sunbury the main local developer is very chummy with the "Jacks of Sunbury" even donates his land for all their electoral billboards during campaigns and provides endorsements in the papers for them. This developer is not too friendly toward me as I went against a Service Station development he was planning, needless to say he didn't provide me with any assistance.

Today was spent, NOT WORKING!!!!, well sort of, I cleaned out my home office, of most things associated with Hume, amazing how much confidential stuff that I have that needs to be shredded, which means that I have to hold onto it until, I either get a shredder or have the time to get it to someone that has a shredder. Why???, cause under the Local Government Act, I have to maintain confidentiality forever or face prosecution. Oh the Burden!!!!!!!!

Well it will be interesting to listen later to the results of the WA Election, will tune into Nic's site for updates.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Is she or isn't she?

Elayne Whatman. She applied to join the Broady East branch in October 04. Now in Feb 05 she is rubishing ALP councillors and sticking up for the 2 Sunbury (independant) aka Lib supporter.

In my over 25 years in the ALP I have never seen such behaviour, welcome to factional infighting in the ALP at grass roots level. Hopefully the Admin committee will disallow her application.

Monday, February 21, 2005


Oh the frenzy in hearing how the Mad Monkfound his son. Poor bugger was reported to have sworn when he found out who is real father was, if I found out the the Mad Monk was my real father, I would do more than swear.

Interestingly the major press held off on this story for over a week, to allow everyone involved to come to terms with the ramifications of it being released.

Crikey sum it up very well in their sealed section today.

On the front page of The Daily Telegraph Piers Akerman today boasts that: "The Daily Telegraph has been aware of Daniel's reunion with his natural parents since January but chose to give the young man, Mrs Donnelly, Mr Abbott and their families, some privacy while they explored the sensitive new relationship.

"Senior staff at the ABC's Australian Story also became aware of Daniel's relationship with Mr Abbott in recent weeks but agreed to give him and Mrs Donnelly and their families some breathing space in which to get used to each other.

"The Bulletin magazine, which started to chase the story two weeks ago, held off publishing anything for a week after Mr Abbott asked them for time for all the parties to prepare for the expected publicity storm.

So three major media organisations found out about a major story and then sat on it because Tony Abbott asked them to. Can anyone imagine anyone else for who this sort of consideration might have been given?

To take just one example, compare the treatment of Tony Abbott with the treatment of Mark Latham, where the media fell over themselves to report rumours, lies and innuendo, and to repeatedly interview an ex-wife, with absolutely no consideration for his privacy or that of his family.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Footy pfft!!!!!!!!!!

It was only a practice game, well it was really! Pretty mediocre start to 2005, Roos sent all of our young pups out to play. MIA were, Hall, Goodes, O'Loughlin, Barry, Maxfield, Crouch, Davis. The young ones tried their best, but the Dog's fielded a strong team, with veterans such as Grant, Darcy and Johnson playing.

Caught up with the RWO mob, lunch at the Colonial before the game and dinner at Papa gino's after the game.

Our treat at the Medina, was made all the more pleasant as we were given a 2 bedroom apartment for the price of a studio apartment, when I asked the Hotel desk officer this morning what the going rate for the 2 bedroom apt was, I was astounded to find out it was $370 per night, cool, we got a bargain for $125.00 through

Sunburyonline seems to have quite a few new contributors, all notably on the side of the "Independent" Sunbury Councillors. 2 of the new contributors are even rumored to be members of the ALP, I wonder what the story is there, I am sure it will all come out in the wash.

Also, if anyone out there has links to the Liberal Party, I would love to hear about a fundraiser held in Sunbury last year with Robert Doyle as the guest. I am sure that the community would just love to hear who the organisers were.

Oh and the latest attack on me is that I dared to publish a glossy brochure during my last campaign, "a hanging offence apparently", I however don't have the support of the major developer in Sunbury, which made it a bit hard to have signs placed in prominent places. I had to pay for that privilege.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Oh Sophie!

What a horrible woman Sophie Panopoulos is, she really demonstrated it tonight on Lateline in a debate against Anna Burke. She obviously doesn't like Petro Georgiou who has come out recently and blasted Australia's Detention system. Dear little Sophie, said well doesn't every family have a Petro in them. Not nice sista!

Transcript now available

Bashing the kids!

What next? will some of the fine folk of Sunbury come up with. Corporal Punishment is now on the agenda, What the...... What will be next?

I have replied to this thread, but as Sunbury Online is heavily moderated cause certain people in the community would like to see it close down, my posting is yet to see the light of day.

I reckon Mallrat will love this little ditty.

Footy has started, even if it's a bad start with Collingwood winning.

Off to see the Swannees tomorrow, treating the kids with a stay a the Medina Grand.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The resurection of Bernie

Liberals purge their old guard

Former Kennett MP Bernie Finn is believed to be interested in a seat in the Upper House and Mr Doyle is likely to back the return to Parliament of his chief of staff, Ron Wilson.

Wonder if this means seeing Bernie, sitting outside Safeway again. Surely after the last election he would realise that he is not liked in Sunbury.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Oh yeah I still blog!

However... work and family committments have meant less time to partake in this past time.

What a week... first of all the poor Conelia Rau story, for which I was waiting for Bolta to do a story about and he finally came through with the goods on Friday, quite an amazing article really that was pulled apart by Mr Lefty.

The Sunbury Online Forum has been hotting up with the insurgance of quite a few "Jack or is it Steve" followers.

The intelligence of his followers can be highlighted by this one post about feral cats in the burbs.

is this the official hume council policy or is it staff instructions. i hate cats, dirty fighting things, at least a dog has brains and listens and protects its owners and their properties. there should be a A.L.P cull on cats. my dog barks loud at night because dirty rotten cats fight everywhere.
maybe the hume council can now inform us of its policy. hume is doing bad when the a.s.u informs all of its polocies.

Take note Steve Bracks, please bring in policy on cats to satisfy this nutter.

The latest inspiring thread that Jack or is it Steve has started is about our former Federal MP, Brendan O'Connor. Brendan now represents the seat of Gorton, as his previous seat of Burke was abolished during a re-distribution. Jack or is it Steve, is complaining cause Brendans office is still in Sunbury, well excuse me!!!! Why didn't parliamentary services move him on 10th October, surely they can magically build and furnish offices overnight. Whats the old saying, never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

You would think if someone was going to stack a forum they would choose people of at least basic intellect. I have set them a challenge though, I dared posted the word surreptitious, I wonder how long it will take them to work out the meaning of it, and even if they do work it out, they probably just won't get it!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Mandy please say sorry!

Then I hope you get the sack or please do the right thing and resign and spend more time with your dogs, but going by previous actions of this government, that won't happen. It makes one wonder just how bad a stuff up a Minister has to make to be sacked.

I won't keep on about Cornelia Rau, what I will do is link below very well written articles about the matter.

What is it with conservatives and the apologies?

Wet Liberalism
cornelia again
resurrecting kafka
Secret prisons, secret torture, secret inquiry
Fixing Australia
Margot Kingston
cornelia again
Cornelia Rau Redux
Senator Andrew Bartlett
Vanstone should resign
Dalrympology And Ministerial Responsibility

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Vanstone defends handling of detained woman OK, great stuff Mandy, here we have an Australian Citizen, who is very sick and she is detained in Baxter. Christ, I can't believe that our Government would allow this to happen, then again I shouldn't really be surprised. WHAT NEXT! Outback Jack being detained as he has a beard and could look like an Al Queda suspect, Steve Irwin being detained as he is a DICKHEAD, go for it Mandy!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Channel 7

What is it when a TV station replays the first episode of a new series over and over again. Weird! Well because they did it I got to watch LOST and Desperate Housewives tonight. I don't think I'll give up ER for LOST, but Desperate Housewives may be a different matter. Can't quite pick what I like about the show, but it's a bit quirky, plus the houses are nice.

Today was spent scrubbing floors, I said to Mum today, now I know why they had small houses in the olden days, LOL. I have this slate look Vinyl Flooring and it gets ingrained with dirt, so today was the day to get down with the scrubbing brush and clean it, and I am stuffed.

Mr nearly 13 played cricket and bowled 3/13 and played 2 games of Basketball, his normal U14 game and he was asked to play for the U16's. He is suitably stuffed also.

Onward to Mama Guruann's 70 something birthday tomorrow, I better go and wrap the pressie.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Waterlogged Pt II

Anyone who lives in Melbourne will have stories of last night rains. It didn't stop raining for 24 hours or more and this morning at about 6am, I thought my roof was going to take off. Switched on to 774 to hear Red Symons tell everyone to forget about heading into Melbourne and keep the kids home from school, I got up and noticed that water was surrounding the house and to venture out into it would be a dangerous affair.

Living 40kms out of the City would have meant the drive in would have probably taken over 2 hours, (this was confirmed by an acquaintance it took 3). So I called the boss and said I would work from home, ONCE THE POWER CAME ON!

You don't realise how reliant you are on electricity until you don't have it for a while, I got about 10 minutes of work done when the power went on then it went off again. I had to resort to the phone to contact people, that in itself was a problem as 2 out of 3 of my phoned are connected to power, that problem solved a few phone calls and things were moving.

Meanwhile, what do a 12 and 8 year old do when there is no power, they go friggin BALLISTIC! The power finally came back on, the putas booted up OK and I spent the afternoon doing constructive work.

AND............. I have made it to Darps Blog, a whole article dedicated to my front page antics.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


It hasn't stopped raining for at least 12 hours here, not that I am complaining, but just the simple task of getting the garbage bins in today, led to destroying an umbrella, my outdoor entertainment area is nearly flooded. This rain better clear up by Sunday when we celebrate my Mum's birthday.

The story, Front Page with a little effort!

Here is tis folks, more later......... Posted by Hello

You probably can't read it properly, if you really want to see a copy that you can read, post a comment and I'll try and post a better link.

The story states that Brendan Gurry that stood against "Is it Steve or is it Jack" was "absolutely alarmed to find the link". Brendan Gurry forgot to mention that he was "Is it Steve or is it Jack's" running mate at the last election.

At least "Is it Steve or is it Jack" didn't drag his other running mate into the story, Angela Power or Powell, promised Sunbury a hospital, raked in 900 or so votes and got "Is it Steve or is it Jack" over the line in the last election. Where's the hospital?????

Well they say that all publicity is good publicity.

Mallrat provides some more coverage here!