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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Seaspray Cares!

The local CFA came around today collecting for the Tsunami Victims, the kids gave more of their money to the cause. Internet connection is running at 28.8kb deathly slow. Weather is great, beer and wine is going down well, a bit too well actually. Happy New Year All

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

More Sad Stories

A whole family wiped out this story is heartwrenching, and the latest news is that up to 60,000 could be the toll.

Wiki does it again.

Wikipedia, probably has the most comprehensive of the events of the last few days. More information than one would ever need, and as usual with Wiki, the pages are growing.

The horror continues.

The toll is now up to 29000, the nightmare just continues. Was looking at a couple of sites today and came across the Phuket Hospital Website, unfortunately it seems to be busted at the moment, but it lists the details of those injured by nation, it really makes it all seem so horrific. Having been to Phuket, albeit for my own honeymoon 14 years ago, I can imagine just how terrified those people would have been with all the crashing water around them.

Tim Blair has actually provided a reasonble synopsis of the events of the last few days. He has obviously found it challenging to not bring politics into it as Darp points out.

Boing Boing have a few amazing links to people at the coalface. The Blogeshphere is really evolving take a look at The TusnamiHelpBlog. I found this site courtesy of Andrew Bartlett Blog. Even though I am not all that fond of the Democrats (thanks Meg for the GST) I really like Andrew Bartlett and what he stands for.

I asked my kids to give me this weeks pocket money to donate, and they did so without hesitation, I couldn't decide which organisation to donate my money to, so I ended up dividing it between Red Cross and World Vision.

AFL looks like it may have been struck with the disappearance of Melbourne player Troy Broadbridge. The poor guy was on his honeymoon when tragedy struck, it makes you realise that if a strong AFL player can be taken victim by the tsunami what chance did children and others have.

Well the packing is done, the kids are feral with excitement, early night then off to Seaspray for 10 days of reading, and relaxing.

Take Care All!

Monday, December 27, 2004

Sad times in the World

Xmas seems so insignificant now after the tragedy of the Asian Tsunami, my estranged neice was in Phuket on her honeymoon and is apparently safe after calling from Bangkok, the patchy story I heard, was that she just had to run to high ground.

Can't decide where to donate to, both Red Cross and World Vision are appealing for donations, may just divide the donation in half.

It's back to winter here in Melbourne, heater is on.

Off to Seaspray on Weds for 10 or so days, so blogging will probably be non existant.

Friday, December 24, 2004

I wish I was on the same drugs as Bolta

Merry Xmas Andrew, not! OK I have had a few Cardonaays but this article still seems like the normal drivel that he delivers.

Santa has arrived, he came through the front door if anyone asks.

Merry Xmas and please take care on the Roads

It's Xmas Eve, and the kids are feral with excitment, I am exhausted as the bed rest that the Dr ordered hasn't been acheived.

Was watching the news tonight and was shocked to see a picture of someone I know and further shocked to see that 2 of his family have been killed in a car accident near Ballarat. The dad, is in a critical condition and on speaking to a good friend of his, he is really battling for life. So please everyone take care out on the roads.

Merry Xmas to all those in the Blogesphere!

Update, the Dad is now in a stable but serious condition, looks like making it.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Cat gets Mouse

A bit of history, when Miss nearly 9 was born, my house was infestated with mice, they were coming from a new housing estate not far from here. One of the things I was asvised to do was buy a cat, so I did. The cat (Bosey) was bought from the Cat Protection Society over at Greensborough and we haven't seen a mice since we got her.

Fast forward 8.5 years, and tonight, Bosey brings a friggin mice to the back door, I do what you are supposed to do and praise the cat cause the mice is now a plaything to her and not in my house, Miss nearly 9 goes beserk cause the cat is killing a mouse.

I then re-inacted what life was like when we had mice in the house, this involve me trying to breastfeed a nearly nine year old while holding a cricket bat to try and kill the mice. This didn't placate her though. Christ you just can't win sometimes!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

It's Xmas and I feel like Crap

2 days out from Xmas and I have managed to catch some horrible virus. I went out to a lunchtime meeting and started feeling ill towards the end of it, and by the time I got back to the office, I nearly felt like feinting.

I ended up getting through the afternoon and managed to pick my dad up and bring him up to my place for Xmas, but today has been a total loss.

Went to the Dr, who advised total bedrest, yeah sure! However the body is not allowing me to do much else than sleep, I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!

Enough of my horrors, must say I am sad to see the demise of Jeremy's Blog I can understand his problems, given the position he holds. Anyway so long Jeremy, hope to see you back in blog land some day.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Mallrat has turned feral!

Logged into Bloglines this morning to see who has been busy overnight and Mallrat has published an interesting post on the Bananas.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

New Mobiles!

I have finally decided that Mr nearly 13 needs a mobile, just so I can find out where he is. I was going to get a Motorola Pra Paid for $49. but I got talked into upgrading my Nokio 8310 to some whizz bang Motarola thingy that takes pictures, so dear Mr nearly 13 you will inherit my old nokia, which is better than what you were going to get so BE GREATFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting prepared!

Swans v Essendon Telstra Stadium, here I come!

Fri 06 May 05 11:00 Melbourne 12:20 Sydney Qantas flight QF426
Sun 08 May 05 20:30 Sydney 22:00 Melbourne Qantas flight QF489

Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Crickets on the Radio!

And the TV Thank God, at least there was something palatable to watch tonight, and made the more entertaining with Justin Langers 181 not out. Channel 9 take note, we DON'T need A Current Affair when the Cricket is on, it takes a valuable 30 minutes out of the cricket coverage.


Miss 8 had a total of 9 teeth out today, under a general anaesthetic. The hospital (Sunbury Private) accommodated her Type 1 Latex allergy brilliantly and the staff were so caring and gentle. Unlike the memory I have of the place when I had both Mr 12 and Miss 8 there, their maternity staff and wards left a bit to be desired.

Miss 8 is recovering well, eating copious amounts of jelly and yoghurt, the teeth were given to me in a jar, and the tooth fairy has been written a note asking her not to take her special teeth, but feel free to leave the money. LOL

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Not that I believe in Astrology!

You are 60% Pisces

Just something I found for work!

Mind Manager

94 days to go!

It was 98 days to go till we head off to Bali, but I have brought the trip forward 4 days, I figure that as the trip is a big 40 pressie to myself that I may as well try and get it as close to my birthday as I can, so 6 days after I turn that horrible number we are off to Paradise. Mr "nearly 13" will become a teenager whilst we are there.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Christmas Decor in Sunbury!

Historicaly the Kiwanis Club of Sunbury provided the Xmas Decor in Sunbury. A few years back they fell on hard times and couldn't do it. They approached council and as I was the was the ward Councillor at the time I couldn't come up with the funds immedately but indicated that it would be considered in future budgets.

This year we have Xmas decorations on wire, and the Banana's are taking full credit for it. Maybe I am too logical for my own good, I favored a bus stop at the hospital (used year round) and lighting at the Sunbury Jnr Footy Ground (used for 6 months of the year) as opposed to Xmas Decor that is used for 6 weeks. OOOOOps I did the wrong thing again, it appears.

Silly Season well and truely!

Head over to Sunbury Online and checkout gijoman (GI Joe Man), I reckon he is B2's twin as he is spinning the same yarn over and over again, saying how grand Maria Vamvakinou is but Latham is not.

Now don't get me wrong, Maria is a nice person, infact I consider her a friend, but one may wonder why the Banana's seem to be having a love fest over her. The cynic in me could think that it has something to do with factional issues, but the idealist in me couldn't possibly believe that a Labor MP would overtly covert thy enemy.

Monday, December 13, 2004

TV Drought

I am a TV junkie, addicted to Big Brother and Australian Idol, now I have found The Rebel Billionaire, 10.30 on a Monday Ch 7. West Wing gets taped as trying to really concentrate on a deep program at 10.30 at night is a big ask. Oh shit they have started WW early, got to press record NOW.

13 Year Old Boys....

Apparently they quite commonly acquire Osgood Schlatters Disease. Mr nearly 13 year old is quite devastated that the new bike he is apparently getting from his father will not be able to be used for a month or more.

I haven't been quite in the mood to blog lately, life is having its ups and downs lately, plus anything reasonably newsworthy seems to get blogged about faster than I can get to it.

Miss 8, goes into hospital on Thursday for some pretty major dental work, I wonder if they will give me a discount if the wobbly tooth falls out before Thursday, every bit of discount off the so far $900 bill will be a godsend. Oh yeah, I went to Medicare to see if the hospital visit would push me over the Safety Net, only to be told that in hospital charges (anesthetists) are not included as part of the safety net. Thanks Johnny NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spent a wet but lovely afternoon at Joanne Duncans place up in Bullengarook yesterday for a supporters Xmas Lunch, Jo is our Local MP and the most down to earth and nicest person you could meet.

Oh I must get around to writing my Xmas Cards as well....

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Blogger Bluggers

Blogger has been unkind to me the last few days, everytime I went to blog, it wouldn't work, so many things to talk about as well, and now I am at work, I can't devote the time to it. Amongst the things I was going to blog about and will probably do so later was the elevation of JWH to the Western Bulldogs No1 ticket holder and Lousise Markus's Maiden speech.
If anyone can translate the one of the latest posts on Sunbury Online titled " labor got its just dessert" feel free to do so. Or maybe we can play a game, if Labor was a dessert what one would it be.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Let it speak for itself!

This article is quite enlightening and sad, not too often I will agree with Kim Il'Carr, but I have no reason to not believe the facts in this article.

Sunday, oh how I love the sun

Today was spent firstly at the Sydney Swans Family Day at Albert Park, a reasonably pleasant day, not as much fun as the kids thought it would be.

Then we headed off to Williamstown Pier to grab some mussels from Seabounty, do yourself a favor and if you are ever near Willie, go and grab some fresh Mussels, they are to die for. Even Miss 8.5 year old ate them.

Came home and refined the Xmas Lights, and did some weeding, twas soooo much fun. Watched the last half hour of the One Day Cricket, which later on ended up being a nailbiter due to some dickhead getting Kaspervich (or spelling similar to that) to bowl.

In another installment of the Labor Leadership Woes, Bobby McMullan is weighing in on it now. Hey, I'm over it now, just bring on Xmas.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Vote Early and Often!

I implore you to visit the 2004 Blog Awards and vote against Tim Blair and Chrenkoff, they must have a lot of friends with putas to be able to sway the votes to the extent they are.

You can have one vote a day, today I voted for Darp. Tomorrow it will be Reasons you will hate me.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Pity he is only the QLD Premier

Christ I wish that Peter Beattie was interesting in Federal Politics, on Lateline tonight his passion and fundamental commonsense was brilliant.

Barry Jones coming in as the next President is a worry, in fact the whole ALP executive is a worry. OK, tonight I am melancholy, and wanting to look forward, but can't find any gaps in the tunnel to escape from.

Peter Beatties message about loyalty, "please listen" disloyalty is going to destroy my ALP.

And Dick Adams, you can go and get stuffed!